Residential Construction Stages

We are the primary craft workers focused on interior and exterior systems in homes, apartments and condominiums. We assemble and erect residence frameworks, build partitions, install flooring, and do much of the finish work. Rey’s Remodeling stays on a particular job from the start of a project through completion. We have experience in nearly every aspect of residential construction.

Professional Experience


My Construction Services covers all aspects of: constructing, fabricating, installing, erecting, maintaining, performing integrity digs on, and performing turnaround services on residential construction services.


My maintenance and repair of homes, garages, sheds or carpentry is the service undertaken to restore or improve homes in every part of the property. It is our mission to service home and all surroundings to currently accepted standards, and to sustain utility values of the property.


Our installation service includes planning, designing and building of a particular device, home addition, repair or upgrade. We take the time to understand the situation at hand and provide the best approach to have this installed and maintained at your property.


Rey’s Remodeling also offers masterful restoration services. I understand traditional construction techniques and how to read the “ghost marks” of a home, such as traces of original structures that may have been modified long ago. Some of the primary services of Rey’s restoratios include:

  • Restoring old windows so they’re relatively energy-efficient yet retain their original materials and detailing
  • Repairing, restoring and replicating detailed wood molding and other millwork
  • Shoring up old structures with minimally invasive and/or invisible techniques
  • Replicating and blending wood finished
  • Dismantling and reassembling homes, barns and other buildings.